Discover the surroundings of Antwerp

Tourist information

Antwerp is an ideal destination for a city trip or just a lovely weekend away. Experience the city with its many culture, architecture, gastronomy, fashion and shopping opportunities. Van der Valk Hotel Antwerp is of course the starting point for a city trip. Rested comfortably in one of our hotel rooms and with a good breakfast, you can start exploring the many sights of Antwerp. 

The Market Square is a beautiful historical square in the old town. Beautiful guild houses and monumental buildings surround the square and make a visit there a real experience.

Antwerp Central Station is an absolute tourist attraction and you must go there if you are in Antwerp. Why? Because it really is a beautiful station, voted 'most beautiful station in Europe' by in 2010.

In the middle of the city is Antwerp Zoo, next to the central railway station. The Zoo opened in 1843, making it one of the oldest in Belgium. The beautiful 19th-century park is home to hundreds of animals

Every Sunday, the well-known Bird Market takes place, the city's most famous market. This market used to be all about, as the name suggests, selling birds, but nowadays you can buy other things besides birds, such as antiques, flowers, clothes and genuine Belgian delicacies.

Also visit Antwerp's most famous museum, the MAS museum. Housed in an impressive 10-storey building. Learn everything about Antwerp, its history, the port and the future here. Be sure to visit the panoramic terrace on the 10th floor, where you can enjoy a snack and drink overlooking the city.

Antwerp is the city of diamonds. Diamond history begins here as early as the 15th century. In Antwerp, you will find diamonds from all over the world! Diamonds, jewellery and precious metals come together in the DIVA museum.