The Green Key

The Green Key is the international quality mark for companies in the tourism and recreation sector that are serious and verifiable about environmental care in the company. With the objective of obtaining a Green Key certificate, Van der Valk Hotel Antwerp also wants to actively contribute to better environmental care.

That is why we are committed to doing more for the environment than the laws and regulations require of us. Here is some more information about our vision, our way of doing business and our environmental policy.

New points for 2022:

  • Realisation of an E-bike parking facility
  • Active renting of our bicycles combined with bicycle packages and offering free bicycle routes to reduce the ecological footprint of our guests in the city
  • We will have an extensive study conducted by an external party to calculate our CO2 footprint. We will compare these annually and try to improve them.

Certificates and facilities
Since the opening of the hotel, we can proudly say that we have not been idle and have had a very nice renovation in which the environmental aspect was also central.

  • We work with 100% green electricity
  • The car park has 18 charging points for electric cars
  • Renovation of the hotel rooms with central air conditioning instead of the individual air conditioners that the rooms used to have
  • New glazing in the entire building with HR++ glazing
  • Renovation of boiler room
  • Reduction of 50% of mono-packed guest supplies

Environmental policy statement
Both the management, our environmental manager and all employees of Van der Valk Hotel Antwerpen take it upon themselves to control the environmental burden on the one hand and to limit the environmental risks on the other.

Care for the environment is a structural part of our business objectives. All hotel employees therefore undertake to carry out their tasks in accordance with the established procedures within our company policy.

These procedures are checked annually by our environmental manager.

Other tasks of the environmental manager are to train new employees, to participate in management meetings regarding the environmental performance of the company and to inform and raise the awareness of the employees regarding environmental management.

Tips & tricks

  • Paper: Quotes and confirmations are sent digitally as much as possible and not by post or on paper. Printing is kept to a minimum and everyone's digital signature is provided with a 'think before you print' reminder. Ecologically responsible paper is used
  • Printing: For our printing we only work together with a company that plots on paper with the 'sustainable forest management' label.
  • Check-in: No copies of ID-card or passport at check-in hotel.
  • Heating: The hotel rooms and halls have central air conditioning.
  • Waste recycling: Our waste is carefully separated
  • Energy: Use of LED lamps or low-energy lamps. Did you know that a low-energy light bulb uses 80% less and lasts 12 times longer?
  • Public transport: We like to promote public transport! A detailed description of where to take the bus or tram can be found at our reception desk, on the folder of your room key and on the website.
  • Electric cars: Charging points for electric cars and bikes
  • Local products: As much use as possible of local products. Van der Valk Hotel Antwerp guarantees sustainable catering. The hotel works with regional products.
  • Our table water is purified and bottled on site by means of our O2 water installation
  • Suppliers: we work together with a limited number of suppliers for orders, thus limiting the transport to and from the hotel
  • Cleaning: Respect the dosage rules regarding the use of cleaning agents. Use of microfibre cloths for responsible cleaning. The great advantage of such cloths is that the use of cleaning agents becomes superfluous. Procedures regarding the changing of towels, bed linen, tablecloths and napkins.

More information and inspiration can be found on the site of the Green Key: