Every Sunday, thousands of tourists visit the bird market in Theaterplein (theatre square) in the theatre district. The square was renovated in 2008, and there is now a large canopy that partly covers the bird market. Traditionally, poultry and birds are sold at this market. Initially, only pigeons but, after WWII, also indigenous and exotic (song) birds.

You can still buy birds and poultry at this market, but there are also other things for sale that attract many bargain hunters. There are stalls with clothing, delicacies and modern accessories. And, of course, market vendors demonstrating and vocally advertising their products. Contests in vocal advertising have been regularly organised since 1951. The market vendor who wins is king (or queen) of the bird market for a year. A panel of judges determines who is the best based on criteria such as eloquence, sense of humour, quality of the stall, and the ability to hold the interest of the audience. The person who has been king or queen three times in a row may call him or herself emperor/empress of the bird market.

The bird market is held every Sunday in and around Theaterplein from 8.00 to 13.00. Entry to the market is, of course, free.