MAS Museum

Antwerp is a major European port situated on the river Schelde, which flows endlessly to the sea. For many centuries, Antwerp has been a place where people from all over the world meet and exchange experiences, customs and old traditions.  The MAS collects all the traces of that age-old exchange to tell new stories. Stories about the city, the river and the port. About the past and present, about the world in and outside Antwerp, in all its colourful diversity. 

The MAS is the largest museum in Antwerp and has plenty to offer to the thousands and thousands of visitors that flock there:

  • the permanent exhibitions
  • the temporary exhibitions
  • the Kijkdepot (visible storage of collection pieces awaiting their turn to be exhibited).
  • the Knowledge Corners
  • the Boulevard
  • the roof panorama
  • the Museum square
  • the pavilions
  • the museum café, gourmet restaurant and MAS shop

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