Tourist Information

Antwerp is a perfect destination for city trips. Explore the city's rich culture, architecture, excellent restaurants, fashion boutiques and many other speciality shops. Below you will find information about a number of interesting sights to see in Antwerp. More information can be obtained from the Tourist Office.
Grote Markt 13
2000 Antwerp
Tel. +32 (0)3 232 01 03




Why not watch a film snug as a bug in a rug at a cinema? Antwerp has several cinemas showing the latest films. A good film is always a joy to watch! Here's a list of cinemas and their addresses:

Kinepolis Antwerpen

Groenendaallaan 394, 2030 Antwerp

UGC Antwerpen

Van Ertbornstraat 17, 2018 Antwerp

Cinema Cartoon's

Kaasstraat 4, 2000 Antwerp

Cinema Zuid

Waalsekaai 47, 2000 Antwerp