General Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions of Van der Valk Hotel Antwerp, Luitenant Lippenslaan 66, 2140 Antwerp

1. Cancellations and decrease in the number of participants for events and services

2. Rooms - Cancellations and reduction in the number of room bookings

3. Deposits and billing

4. Agreement

5. Miscellaneous

5.1. Increase in the number of participants for events and services

If the customer informs Van der Valk of an increase in the number of participants less than 14 days before the planned date, the hotel will make every reasonable effort to provide its services to this increased number of participants, though without the hotel being liable for the consequences if they do not or not fully succeed.
The exact number of participants should in any case be confirmed at the latest five working days before the event.

5.2 Audio-visual and EDP equipment

5.3 Booking of conference rooms

The names of the meeting rooms, as mentioned in the contract, are only exemplary and are in no way binding. The hotel at all times reserves the right to unilaterally and without obligation change the names of the meeting rooms. Van der Valk is only required to inform the customer thereof, at the latest on the day of arrival.

5.4 Check-in/check-out of rooms

5.5 Early departure

If the customer decides to terminate the event prematurely and/or if the customer/a participant decides to leave the meeting rooms and/or the hotel before the booked departure date, Van der Valk reserves the right to integrally charge the remaining planned/booked days and/or nights, incl. the booked facilities/appurtenances, at the contractually agreed rate.

5.6 Timetable

The customer expressly undertakes to start and end his event within the contractually planned times. Van der Valk reserves the right to charge all additional hours or other expenses resulting from the failure to respect this timetable to the customer, who hereby accepts these charges.

5.7 Choice of menu

5.8 Additional requests

In order to enable Van der Valk to offer an optimal service, all additional requests should be listed on this document, signed by the customer.
Only these specific requests, which Van der Valk explicitly agrees to in writing, will form part of this Agreement and the obligations of Van der Valk.

6. Liability and insurance

7. Termination/damages

8. Fire prevention and safety procedures

9. Jurisdiction/legislation

This Agreement shall be governed exclusively by Belgian law.
Any disputes concerning the validity, interpretation and implementation of the Agreement, or billing and implementation can only be brought before the courts of the district of Antwerp.